Majority of the Conventional Transistors Make Use of Memory Technology


Most of the today’s transistors make use of memory technology, to be specific DRAM and NAND flash. Data from VLSI Research, a private research company, indicate that the use of NAND flash has risen from 34% in 2005 to 80% in 2015. Quite a market domination!

Control of Heat Production Comprise Focal Point of Memory Technology 

Intel Corporation arranged for an event with a focus on semiconductor packaging at the Semicon Conference of 2019.As the scaling and packaging of conventional semiconductors slow down, the importance of communication between chips is increased. The phenomenal rise in the demand for artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), and big data is the key point of discussion at the event.

Important features that mark numerous high current package designs determine a shift towards security operation center (SoC) disaggregation and greater package level integration. Some vital objectives for Intel Corporation are invention of a technology that connects chips and chiplets in packages matching the functionality of rigidSoCs.

The emphasis on packaging comprises pitch and density scaling for chip interconnects, robust delivery architectures, and design with heterogeneous devices from multiple sources. Besides, control of heat production even with high-speed signalling and thin or small footprint client product packages, such as wearable gadgets and smartphones are also taken into account.

Heterogeneous packing leads to enhanced energy efficiency, smaller electronic footprint, and overall much improved performance. Besides, packaging gets thinner with smaller space for integrated electronics. It is often bystacking die and thinning and by making structures on the back of the die. There has been an increase in the performance options.

Furthermore, placing processing closer to memory is a vital component in improving performance, particularly for the improvement of power efficiency and latency.

Power efficiency is an important factor, as much power is consumed to move data from processing to memory and then back. Intel Corporationis on its efforts to integrateprocessing and memory through technologies such asFeveros chip stacking.

Most of the semiconductor transistors of today support different memory technologies, especially NAND and DRAM.

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