m-Toulic acid Market to Undertake Strapping Growth by the End 2027

Industry Insights

m-Toulic acid Market: Introduction:

m-Toulic acid is also known as 3-Methylbenzoic Acid; NSC 2214; m-Methylbenzoic Acid; β-Methylbenzoic Acid, meta-taulic acid. The compound has chemical formula of C8H8O2 and  Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) number is 103-83-3. m-Toulic acid is a member of Benzoic acids that contains benzene rings to at least one carboxyl group. The acid is slightly soluble in water and acidic in nature. m-Toulic acid is mainly utilized as a raw material for N,N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide (DEET). DEET is utilized as insect repellant and film former.

The increasing demand of insect repellants owing rising awareness about disease spread through insect bites coupled with increasing urbanization leading into high adoption rate for advanced products is fuelling the demand of efficient insect repellant across the globe. This, in turn is anticipated to drive the demand of m-Toulic acid during the forecast period. However, the stringent regulations against toxic pharmaceutical ingredients might hinder the growth of global m-Toulic market during the forecast period.

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Global m-Toulic acid Market: Segmentation

The global m-Toulic acid market can be segmented based on grade, derivative, and region. In terms of grade, the global m-Toulic acid market can be bifurcated into ≥ 95% purity m-Toulic acid and ≥97% purity m-Toulic acid and others including m-Toulic acid less than 97%.

Based on derivatives, the global m-Toulic acid market can be segregated into insect repellant, adhesives, and others such as polymer stablizers. The insect repellant derivative segment is a key segment of global m-Toulic acid market as it is mainly utilized in synthesis of DEET which is an insecticide repellant with broad spectrum of targets. The increasing popularity of mosquito repellant across the globe due to its efficient action and minimal side effect unlike other mosquito prevention methods such as coils has propelled the demand of insect repellants across the globe. This, in turn is anticipated to drive the demand of m-Toulic acid due to its efficient derivatives such as DEET during the forecast period.

Global m-Toulic acid Market: Regional Outlook

In terms of region, the global m-Toulic market can be classified into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.

North America is estimated to account for considerable market share in global m-Toulic acid market. The support of U.S. government Environment Protection Agency for  DEET usage in several bug repelling products due to  its excellent action toward insects has augmented the demand of DEET-based insecticides in the region. Moreover, the increasing awareness among end-users about precautionary measures from diseases causing insects and mosquitoes biting are propelling the demand of DEET-based insecticides in the region. This, in turn is anticipated to drive the demand of m-Toulic acid in North America region.

Asia Pacific region is estimated to expand at significant pace across the forecast period. The governmental initiatives to overcome diseases such as dengue, malaria and increasing urban population is anticipated to fuel the demand of m-Toulic acid market in the region along with rising need of  insect repellants in the region.

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Global m-Toulic acid Market: Competitive Landscape

The global m-Toulic acid market is fragmented due to the presence of many local and global players. Key manufacturers operating in the global m-Toulic acid market include Taixing Zhongran Chemical Co., Ltd. – Jiangsu Panoxi Chemical Co., Ltd. – Hebei Xingyu Chemical Co., Ltd. – Yangzhou Liushi Chemical Co., Ltd. – Yangzhou Gideon Chemical Co., Ltd. – Shandong Yuexing Chemical Co., Ltd. Ltd. and Toronto Research Chemicals

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