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Luxury Airline to enable Guests to Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2019 Twice

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It appears that celebrating New Year’s Eve twice on different days of the year may need time travel. In all likelihood, this makes the event impractical to imagine at present and at least for several years to come. But, hold your breath. This may be possible for 2019, thanks to a luxury package announced by a subsidiary of travel giant Genting Hong Kong. Revelers, especially couples, can now imagine to celebrate the 2019 eve together twice on two different spots of the world placed diametrically opposite—Tokyo and Las Vegas. What makes this possible is the trip by the Hong Kong-based Crystal AirCruises which will help them cross the magic calendar change line, International Date Line, since both sides will have New Year Eve on consecutive days. The luxury trip package will cost a huge $26,000 per person, but the perks are at premium too.

Indulge in New Year Merrymaking in Tokyo and Las Vegas on Consecutive Days

The trip will start with accommodation at the 5-star hotel Hilton Tokyo Odaiba in Tokyo. The guests who will take the package will be endowed with lavish dinner party, get to watch sumo wrestling, revel in firecrackers at the huge theme park Tokyo Disneyland. Apart from this, they can indulge in other merrymakings at the 2019 eve by exploring Tokyo. After the celebration is over, they can pack their bags for another one in Las Vegas.

A luxury air cruise, Crystal Skye, will fly them to Las Vegas in so cozy an environment that the guests can comfortably nap in the air. The huge Boeing 777 has every amenity to make this possible, including 180 degree reclining bed, a bar, acoustic noise cancelling headphones, among other things.

The guests when they reach Las Vegas they get to see the New Year Eve 2019 once again and will be enjoying the party at Caesars Palace. The nightlife at the city is one of the things that will keep them entertained.

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