Low Gluten Content Shoots Up Demand for Global Cassava Flour Market


The global cassava flour market derives its momentum from the its new found status as a wheat flour substitute.  In addition to wheat flour, cassava flour is gaining recognition across the globe as a substitute for various other gluten-based flours. It carries more calories as compared to other types of flours.

The benefits offered by cassava flour are likely to boost the global cassava flour market in the years to come. It is regarded as a luxurious source of starch. Starch is the primary source of dietary fibers and carbohydrates. The demand for cassava flour is high across the globe in the flour market, due to its very low content of gluten in comparison to other types of flours.

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High Nutritional Content Makes it Popular Choice in Food Industry

The global cassava flour market is expected to be boosted by its increased application in various household purposes due to its higher nutritional content. Various mineral such as phosphorous, calcium, iron, potassium, sodium and others are found aplenty in cassava flour. In addition to the mineral content, cassava flour is also a rich source various vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin A. Vitamin C comes with proven benefits for hair and skin.Vitamin C also assists in improving the immune system.

Both food and feed industry are increasing the intake of cassava flour, thanks to the several health benefits that is offers. In the food industry, the requirement for cassava flour is rising as an important gluten-free and nutritional rich ingredient. Consumers are more health conscious these days and are increasingly opting for consumption of healthy food products.

The global cassava flour market is expected to be driven by  its rising application as a sweetener in many of the processed food products. In addition to that, cassava flour is utilized in confectionaries and bakery products. In bakery, cassava flour is extensively combined with wheat flour in various concentrations, which augments the nutritional content of bakery products. In dry and arid locations, cassava flour is also regarded as a leading food security source, which isascribed to the ability of the cassava plant to grow in a much lesser water containing regions.

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