Long Life Possible for Consuming Longevity Vitamins, Says New Study

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A new study conducted by Bruce Ames, Ph.D., through his laboratory located at the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, concludes that longevity of body health can be extended by consuming about 30 known vitamins and specific minerals in specific levels.

More Insights about the Study Conducted Dr. Bruce Ames

The study was published in the form of a review as an article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The findings are presented along with a detailed survey of additional evidence that is published by other scientists. Apart from the 30 vitamins, there are 11 other additional substances that are currently not classified as vitamins. However, the study says that these need to be recognized as essential longevity vitamins due to their potential for extending a healthy life.

According to research cited in the new review, about 70 percent of Americans are deficient in one or more of the key nutrients mentioned above. In fact, many American diets are deficient in key vitamins and minerals that play crucial roles in promoting longevity and in staving off chronic diseases such heart diseases, cancer, and neurodegeneration. In the field of nutritional science, the new study finds out that deficiencies in minor vitamins too could impact lifespans of humans.

Dr. Ames further states that nutritional science until now has overlooked the fact that most vitamins and minerals are required by dozens to hundreds of different enzymes within our cells. This means that the same type of nutrients which we require to maintain our day-to-day health are also needed for carrying out long term maintenance of the body. DNA repair, prevention of oxidative damage, and cardiovascular health are some of the processes that demand the presence of key nutrients. Dr. Ames is mainly known for creating the Ames test can rapidly predict the potential of a specific chemical to act as a carcinogen.

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