Location-based Healthcare Technology to Improve Patient Flow


A visit to a healthcare facility and you would invariably have to wait for something or the other, be it for admission or a doctor’s appointment or purchase of medicines. Sometimes, the waiting period becomes too long.

An improvement in the flow of patients is all that almost all of the healthcare settings desire for. Complicated surgery schedules, packed emergency rooms, delayed discharges, clumsy handover of patients between departments, diversion of ambulances, and worst of all, patients giving up treatments due to long waiting times. Nearly all the healthcare settings are plagued by these problems and are struggling to find a way out. Location-based healthcare IoT emerges as a beacon of hope for them.

Actionable Data to Identify Obstruction Points

Disruptions in patient flow, long wait times are not only harmful to patients but are also detrimental for the growth of the healthcare industry. Simple observations by hospital administrators to find out where patients are waiting for hours for a bed or admission do not serve as a feasible solution to the problem. There is a need for precise, actionable data to identify where and when such obstructions are occurring. Organizations need the use of data trail to design lasting solutions to avoid this kind of disruptions in patient flow. Such data trails need to show the reasons for such breakdowns in patient flow.

It has been long since IT solutions have been introduced to the healthcare sector. However but it is still much of a challenge to constantly monitor the full cycle of a patient’s journey. With scalable sensor-integrated cloud-based solutions, hospitals can now make an assessment of every aspect of their patient experience. Following this, hospitals can achieve the transformation of automation of obsolete clinical processes through latest location services technology. They can also use apps deployed for IoT cloud by utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and real-time location data. Such technology can instantly figure out the obstruction points of patient flow.

The benefits that could be derived from the utilization of location services are growing constantly. Its time healthcare institutions need to put such technology into optimum use.

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