Liver Diseases to Provide Impetus to Bilirubin Meter Market


Bilirubin is a bile secreted in liver and released through intestine. A normal level of bilirubin in a healthy person is 0.2 to 1.2 mg/dl. Anything above this range is considered as jaundice. Increasing number of liver diseases such as hepatitis in adults and jaundice in children are likely to provide impetus to the global bilirubin meter market. Bile serves as a medium to absorb fats and excrete bilirubin.

Advanced Method in Determining Bilirubin

Traditional methods of bilirubin tests is based on how bilirubin acts with chemical blood test agent to form colored compound. Increasing demand for apt and reliable methods to determine bilirubin levels have created a need to develop new methods for laboratories to test. Here, the new system provides detailed readings of conventional analysis of the subject combined with advanced instruments based readings that are suitable for determining both the forms of bilirubin such as total bilirubin and direct bilirubin. Efforts have been made to determine bilirubin using biological samples with less complexity and reduced cost. Such advances in the field of determining bilirubin are expected to drive the global bilirubin meter market.

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Cirrhosis & Bilirubin

Cirrhosis is an acute liver disorder caused due to various factors such as drug-induced injury to the liver, fatty liver, etc. It hampers the functions of liver, and as a result, the bile does not clear through intestine. Bilirubin is quite high for patients with cirrhosis and end up being fatal.  Lately, it is one of the fast-affecting diseases in adults. It is directly linked to 32, 000 deaths per year in the United States alone. It may take several years to develop and diagnose it. Such increase in the number of cirrhosis patients makes the global bilirubin meter market to expand in the upcoming years.

Moreover, diseases such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B also increases the bilirubin count by not making the bile to clear from the intestine. Increase in such diseases boosts the growth of the global bilirubin meter market.

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