Less Carbon Footprint of Packaging Key Demand Proposition for Biodegradable Cups

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Biodegradable packaging has gathered groundswell of interest among food companies and consumers alike. The popularity of biodegradable cups—whether made from plastics or paper—has risen among food service industries as environmentally friendly solutions. The compostability and biodegradability of such solutions continue to attract packaging manufacturers and recycling companies.

Food Packaging Manufacturers Seek Compostable and Renewable Materials

World over, manufacturers are trying new renewable materials to meet the packaging needs of fast food companies, particularly world over.  Emerging environmental legislations and norms have increasingly shaped the contours of biodegradable cups market, especially in developing and developed economies of the world. The potential is vast—by 2027, the opportunities in the market are expected to climb to approximately US$580 Mn. A large demand will likely come from the uptake of biodegradable cups in ready-to-eat meals packaging.

Various stakeholders including governments are making relentless efforts to reduce the carbon footprints of packaging. That aside, health concerns of carcinogenic chemicals leeching into the food we consume are driving the developments of new types of biodegradable cups. This includes also the coatings used that are typically used as barrier.

Shift toward Plastic-Free Coating Stokes Popularity of Water-Based Biopolymers

In this regard, the ease of recycling has become an important attribute. This has led plastic-free coatings to gain traction in the biodegradable cups market. To a great deal, this transition of packaging companies going completely plastic-free has driven the momentum. The ink holds strong barrier against water, grease, and heat. In recent years, the usage of water-based biopolymers as coatings is gaining popularity, mainly on account of high bio-renewability content. The most important useful attribute perhaps is their excellent repulpability. Sustainable sourcing of these coatings is also vital. Manufacturers of biodegradable cups thus benefit from continuous advances in barrier coating formulations.

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