Leading To Rise In Demand For Healthy Food And Beverage Products Which Is Expected To Boost The Market Of Curculin


The potential applications of curculin are the low-calorie sweetener in the food and beverages industry. Sweet proteins tend to have slow taste profiles, characteristics that make these sweeteners significantly different from sugar.

The shift in preference of consumers towards the products they consume includes natural ingredients is growing at a faster pace. The manufacturers of soft drinks are likely looking for natural sweeteners with low calorie to replace the sugar in their drinks. Hence, the demand for curculin as a natural sweetener is expected to bolster over the forecast period. North America and Europe are expected to hold the largest share in global low-calorie sweeteners curculin market.

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There is a rapid rise in several consumers affected by health problems related to a sedentary lifestyle in these regions. Asia Pacific region is expected to record a higher growth rate in curculin market as low-calorie sweeteners. The increasing population and disposable income in countries such as India and China are leading to rise in demand for healthy food and beverage products which is expected to boost the market of curculin. Other industries which can make use of this protein are pharmaceutical and oral care industries. A lot of research activities are also going on to produce new natural sweeteners such as curculin. Companies are also investing in advanced technologies for product development with innovative and superior quality like curculin.

Only Natural Sweetener with Taste Modifying Abilities

Curculin is a plant extract from Curculigo latifolia and acts as a low-calorie sweetener. The maximum sweetness of curculin is equal to 0.35 M of sucrose. Curculin is the protein with taste modifying abilities as water and sour or acidic substances elicit a sweet taste after consumption of curculin. The taste modifying the ability of curculin protein remains unchanged when incubated at 5050°C for 1 hr. between pH 3 and 11.

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Currently, there is no other protein available with both tastes modifying abilities and sweet taste. About 40 percent of Americans are currently fat, with in excess of 35 percent of individuals in seven states being constantly overweight. To place this in context: In 1985, no state had a grown-up corpulence rate higher than 15 percent. Comprehensively, the World Health Organization says obesity has nearly significantly increased. This makes up for the market for protein like curculin which are a lot more beneficial than sugar.

The development of low sugar food products for diabetic and diet-conscious consumers, with growing demand for diet beverages is projected to drive demand over the forecast period. The shift in the preference for convenience driven largely by urbanization, growing population, growth in number of working women and increase in household incomes are driving the demand for natural sweeteners in emerging countries. The majority of countries with higher consumption of sugar falls in the category of emerging countries.

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