Isinglass Market Revenue Tops Estimates | Eyes Robust Growth Rate Ahead

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Globally, beer consumption has grown significantly over the years. As a matter of fact, since 1990, the total beer consumption has grown rather rapidly. Cask-conditioned beer is one such type of beer which has witnessed higher rate of consumption, attributable to easy availability and affordable prices. With the rise in demand for beer, demand for beer ingredients, such as Isinglass, has also increased, especially from the brewery industry. Isinglass is used in large scale production of cask-conditioned beers. Isinglass accelerates the process of sedimentation in live yeast, which is flocculated into a jelly-like mass which settles at the bottom of the cask. Isinglass is obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish and is mainly used in the clarification and fining of some beers and wine. Isinglass is processed and dried into several formats and is preferably used in liquid and powder form.

The United States, UK and Germany were the traditional beer consumers. However, over the past two decades, per capita consumption of beer has increased strongly in developing countries of the Asia-Pacific region especially, China and India, which is driving the overall global demand for beer. Owing to rising demand for beer, more and more manufacturers are producing cask-conditioned beer since it is economical and has been witnessing high demand. Isinglass is also used in large-scale production of such beer. Isinglass enhances filter performance and beer foam stability. It also reduces production cost and can be used in the production of both types of beers i.e. cask conditioned and brewery conditioned beers.

Some of the key players operating in the global Isinglass market are Murphy & Son Limited, LALLEMAND Inc. (AB Vickers Ltd.), The Beerblefish Brewing Company Ltd., The Boudicca Brewing Company, Eaton, Angel Brand, Kerry Ingredients and Flavors, ESSECO srl,  among others

Major shareholding companies have been executing several key acquisition strategies to gain the technical know-how of acquired companies to produce high quality and innovative Isinglass for its target customers.

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  • In May 2017, Kerry Ingredients and Flavors announced that it has completed the acquisition of China’s biggest food ingredients company, Tianning, for an undisclosed amount. Headquartered in Jurong, a Jiangsu province with sales branches across China, Tianning Flavours was founded in 2005 and produces a range of ingredients for the brewery industry.
  • In 2010, LALLEMAND Inc. acquired AB Mauri of the GBI (ex DSM) yeast business in Spain and Portugal as well as of the AB Mauri yeast plant located in Setúbal (south of Lisbon). The company also acquired Lake States Yeast Division from the Wausau Paper Group. Lake States Yeast is a leading producer of inactivated torula yeast operating in Rhinelander (Wisconsin, USA).

Over the past few decades, Asia – Pacific region has witnessed higher consumption rate for beer. China surpassed the United States as the single largest beer market in terms of both volume and value sales. The rise in consumption of beer in the region will pave excellent opportunities for the Isinglass market in the region. For economical production of certain confectioneries and desserts products, Isinglass is being used in several countries, which will create more opportunities for the Isinglass market in both confectionery and dessert segments.

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