IoT Technology to Revolutionize Agriculture in Brazil


Cellular IoT chipset by Altair Semiconductor, also called ALT1250, now offers LTE Connectivity for a group of inter-connected farming solutions in Brazil. Farmers and agricultural workers are adopting IoT technology and joining the revolution. Further, IoT technology is linking millions of acres of land to a global cellular network.

Altair Semiconductor, a prominent developer of high-performance single mode LTE chipsets, recently declared that ALT1250 dual mode CAT-M/NB-IoT chipset would now work on 450 MHz spectrum.

In this industry first initiative, ALT1250 chipset is empowering Asiatelco LM66 IoT module. It offers LTE connectivity for a spectrum of connected devices. Further, researchers developed it to offer wide variety of agricultural solutions for large-scale farming.

450 MHz Frequency is Ideal for Agricultural IoT Applications


Operating at a spectrum of 450 MHz LTE and using LTE eNBs of Ericsson, the cellular IoT chipset by Altair allow agricultural companies to use connected tractors applications and smart sensors to optimize farming practices. The solution makes use of fuel consumption optimization, driver behavior monitoring, and location tracking.

Paulo Bernardocki, Head of Solutions Radio, Ericsson LATAM South, said that Altair desires to transform cellular IoT connectivity in Brazil. The solution has demonstrated the ability of 450 MHz frequency to better connectivity across vast agricultural lands. Bernardocki is hopeful about these transformative applications in rural areas.

Dual-mode cellular IoT chipset, ALT1250, by Altair Semiconductor is the only NB-IoT and CAT-M solution tested at frequency of 450 MHz. ALT1250 is a very highly integrated dual-mode CAT-M/NB-IoT chipset. This is because it comes with the most extended battery life in the current market. The chipset also supports Global LTE bands within one single hardware design. It also offers support to both cellular and satellite positioning tracking.  The Altair-powered LM66 modules are also able to connect and deliver data over LTE450 network.

Hailing 450 MHz best for agricultural IoT application, Igor Tovberg, Director of Product Marketing, Altair Semiconductor, calls the technology an emerging trend as 2G and 3G networks are on the verge of retiring.

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