IoT Device Management: Rocket Science or Reality?


It goes without saying that mature markets like the U.S. and Europe are grabbing the attention of stakeholders operating within the IoT (Internet of Things) device management landscape. Additionally, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the importance of IoT device management since patients who wear connected devices help doctors to monitor their progress without risking the safety of others.

Growing acceptance toward IoT device management is making a shift from rocket science to reality, especially in developing economies. Agriculture being one of the major industries for a developing country like India, is witnessing a sea change with precision farming that caters to controlled use of herbicides with the help of sensor technology and prediction of climatic conditions.

One common trend in both developed and developing economies is electric vehicles (EVs). However, risk of security breach due to integration of communication systems in EVs and autonomous vehicles is affecting the implementation of IoT devices. Hence, automakers should join forces with cyber-security experts to develop robust firewalls and deploy individualized security filters in devices to prevent security breach.

There is a growing need for IoT device management for waste collection activities. Since people are becoming aware about the harmful effects of plastic waste in the environment, one of the IoT use cases is notifying truck drivers about overflowing dustbins and set a route for them so they do to waste time chasing empty dustbins.

Retail is emerging as one of the most exciting areas for IoT device management. Brick and mortar stores are looking for smart IoT devices to streamline processes such as receive instant alerts in the event of error and remote fixing of software issues.

In all, since increasing number of people are becoming smart internet users, it is safe to say that IoT device management is the next big opportunity for tech giants.


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