Investors Reassured of Big Technology Cos Better Earnings

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Big technology companies, notably Google and Apple, may report promising revenue earnings, with large-cap stocks likely to revive in the coming weeks. Amid wide speculations, investors are seeking big technology companies to place their bet on and which can give them a confidence boost. If Gene Munster, Managing Partner of Loup Ventures, Minneapolis-based venture capital firm, is to be believed, Apple will emerge out as the best bet for investors, driven by higher sales prices and an attractive product cycle. This revelation was made to CNBC. The California-based technology company will not only garner huge gains from its iPhone sales growth, with iPhone XR recently launched, but will attract investors from its services segment as well. Apple has been capitalizing on the rising demand for iCloud and Apple Music. Apple is expected to report its earnings on November 1, 2018.

Google with Better Ad Revenue Numbers instil Confidence among Investors

Other than Apple, Google could also emerge as promising among investors. According to an analyst, the subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. could see a bump of 3–5% with different approach of selling Android in the EU. The company intends to charge manufacturers licensing free for using its app on their phones. Moreover, Munster opines that Google could earn the confidence of investors as it is considered the lifeblood of internet.

One of the most crucial points that will offer headwind to Google stocks is decent earning from advertisement revenue, which is likely to see a spike in the next quarter.

Reported Earnings in One Quarter can’t Make or Break any Tech Company

Having said that, none of the reported earnings by these technology companies will be crucial enough to have substantial impact on their growth, given the type of dynamics they have, believe market experts.

Apart from Apple and Google, Amazon is also likely to feature in the list of investors with its promising revenue growth and earnings. However, there is huge chance of limited visibility and profitability offsetting these gains.

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