Interfolded Tissue Converting Lines Market Forecast With Top Companies, Growth Factors, Classification, Regional Analysis, Development Factors And Bedding Fabrics Applications

Industry Insights

As reported by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), the global tissue paper production was pegged at around 38 million tons in 2017. The demand for tissue paper has witnessed strong growth over the last decade and further projected to experience significant pace. Among four broad categories of tissue paper products, which are toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, paper napkins, and interfolded tissues, the interfolded tissues segment is anticipated to rise at a higher pace owing to the ease in dispensing tissues. Thus, the substantial opportunity represented by the global interfolded tissues demand have resulted into the global expansion of interfolded tissue production capacity and creating a significant increase in the growth of interfolded tissue converting lines market globally.

Adoption of Industry 4.0 technology is the key trend in the global interfolded tissue converting lines market

The interfolded tissues facilitate easy dispensing of the tissues from the dispenser or packaging. This was attributed to the relatively higher growth of interfolded tissues demand over other types of tissue paper products. Moreover, the foodservice outlets, hospitality service providers, and institutions are the primary consumers of the interfolded tissues. Thus, the growth in per capita expenditure on the eating out habits has created a lucrative opportunity for the interfolded tissues market, leading to an expansion in global production capacity of interfolded tissues and propelling market for interfolded tissue converting lines.

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The major trend being followed in the global interfolded tissue converting lines market is industry 4.0 technology. Industry 4.0 protocols include the wireless connectivity among various machinery in the manufacturing facility and collection of real-time processing data. On 30th March 2018, Omet S.R.L. announced the launch of new interfolded tissue converting line, Omet ASV line, in “It’s Tissue 2018”. This interfolded tissue converting line is capable of producing up to 4 ply facial tissues.

Massive sales of low volume output capacity interfolded tissue converting lines in China and India

The interfolded tissue converting lines manufactured in China, and in U.S. and Western Europe countries heavily differ in terms of the cost of manufacturing, output capacity, and technology incorporated. The tissue paper converting firms with low investment capability prefer the highly economic interfolded tissue converting lines manufactured in India and China, while the expansion plans with high investment capacity prefer European or American interfolded tissue converting lines which are around ten times higher in cost and even higher in production capacity. Low and highly distributed demand for interfolded tissues in Asia Pacific countries do not allow the concentration and organization of interfolded tissue manufacturing industry, and thus the Asia Pacific interfolded tissue converting lines market is suitable specifically for China and India manufactured interfolded tissue converting lines rather than European or America interfolded tissue converting lines.

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Global Interfolded Tissue Converting Lines Market Key Players

Some of the key players operating the global interfolded tissue converting lines market are

  • Fabio Perini S.p.A.
  • PCMC Italia S.p.A.
  • Omet S.R.L.
  • Kawanoe Zoki Co., Ltd.
  • Mtorres Disenos Industriales Sau
  • BaoSuo Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.
  • United Converting S.R.L.
  • Futura S.p.A.
  • Dechangyu Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.
  • Gambini S.p.A
  • Wangda Industrial Co., Limited

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