Intense Competition among Popular Brands to Fuel Growth of Video on Demand Market in Near Future

Industry Insights

Video on Demand (VoD) is a unique service, which allows users to view wide range of video content of their choice through an equally broad ranging video libraries. Users can completely control the temporal viewing order as per their choice via internet. The VoD service offers a large spectrum of video content such as sports, television series, music videos, and movies among others for both downloading as well as streaming. In addition to this, VoD systems allow delivering these services via multiple digital platforms and connected devices such as smart TVs, cable television, computers, tablets, and smartphones among others. Companies are now focusing on developing more efficient applications in order to deliver VoD services more effectively and efficiently on consumer’s devices so as to optimize their viewing experience. The VoD service providers are now coming together with creative content producers and creators so as to offer premium and exclusive video content on their respective platforms.

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Changing the Dynamics of How Video Content Should be Consumed

The emergence of the global video on demand market has considerably changed the overall landscape of how entertainment is viewed and consumed by the users. With huge brands such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney each with their own respective platform, the competition in the global video on demand market is at its peak. The companies are coming up with their exclusive shows and series in order to attract more customers and build a loyal fan base. In addition to this, the companies in the market are teaming up with existing service providers in order to widen their reach and create disruption. For instance, recently Hotstar, a popular streaming platform teamed up with Disney. This partnership will see Disney owned video content such as Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, original Disney movies and shows, all exclusively available on Hotstar. Such partnerships are expected to create huge ripples in the competitive landscape of the global video on demand market in coming years.

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