Integration of Software and AI Set to Automate Automation in Manufacturing

Business Technology

Bright Machines has started realizing its dream of integrating artificial intelligence and software into every step of the manufacturing cycle following the launch of Bright Machines micro-factories.

These Bright Machines micro-factories amalgamate adaptive robotics, machine learning, software, and computer vision into an automation platform. This results in an improvement in the procedure of product inspection and assembly. These phases comprise most of the manual work in production lines. Microfactories take benefits of cloud-based architecture and artificial intelligence (AI) to bring better assembly efficiency. At the same time, these factories will get more automated and intelligent over time.

Machines Connected with Artificial Intelligence-Powered Software

Amar Hanspal, CEO, Bright Machines said that the manufacturing industry is looking for the next big stride, and software-defined approach for factory automation is the key. He further said that intelligent automation could be achieved by connecting each of the machines with an artificial intelligence powered software layer. It will enable managing, monitoring, and configuring operations and machines much easier. This leads to the creation of autonomous and programmable factories. This approach is termed as software-defined manufacturing.

Software-defined manufacturing makes use of adaptive robotics, machine learning, and computer vision. Furthermore, this makes way for fully programmable factories and intelligent production lines. It facilitates the configuration, replication, and scaling of automation. Eventually, this will change the flexibility, economics, and speed of the world’s largest industries.

Through the digitization of factory operations, software-defined manufacturing makes the process more accessible and transparent. Post digitization, smooth interaction between manufacturing operations and rest of the organization could take place without any hassle. Continuous improvement and agility benefits in efficient product manufacturing.

Bright Machines has delivered a vital component of this automated future with the launch of software-defined micro-factories for inspection and product assembly. Moreover, Bright Machines micro-factories will automate automation twice as fast as the current assembly lines. The connected, intelligent micro-factories substantially enhance Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), which comprises yield and production. It will lead to lower cost per unit.

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