Integration of New Age Technologies Such as 5G to Drive Growth of Health Kiosk Market

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The recent emergence of internet driven payment platforms such as Android Pay and Apple Pay are now slowly able to supplement the popular credit/debit card culture. They have now become a viable alternative for time consuming ATMs and cash crunch. It is projected that eventually, with the growth of cashless transactions – the ones that are carried out through the medium of internet – will lay a strong foundation for the upcoming payment trends in the healthcare kiosk landscape.

Increasing adoption of different payment kiosks in the developing healthcare sector is expected to account for nearly one fourth of the overall revenue of the global health kiosk market. Accepting multiple payments with the help of facial or biometric recognition through a hospital kiosk is now quickly emerging as a popular trend. This trend is also projected to become a key driving factor for the overall development of the global market in the near future. In addition to this, with the advent of 5G communication technology, the health kiosk market, and particularly payment kiosks are expected witness a highly transformative and lucrative growth.

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Companies Focus on Improving User Experience

There has been a growing desire among the healthcare organization in the global health kiosk market to embrace digitization. This is due to the fact that digitization helps in reducing valuable resources such as time and also helps in improving the overall efficiency of the entire system. With several healthcare entities now focusing on providing world class experience to their consumers, this transformation is at the very center of their marketing approach. They are now trying to introduce several novel ways of interaction such as cashless payment kiosk and 5G integrated kiosks to improve the overall user experience.

Some of the key companies operating in the global health kiosk market are Olea Kiosk Inc., ZIVELO, Kiosk Information Systems, and JCM Global Inc. among others.

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