Instagram Rolls Out New Feature for iOS App

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Instagram, the photo-heavy social networking channel, has introduced yet another feature for its iOS app. The new feature will enable users to share the same post from the multiple accounts they own. This feature will be particularly useful for content creators. This is because it would allow them to post their work simultaneously on personal and brand accounts. This feature will also benefit businesses with multiple profiles by helping them reach out to different audiences.

Gradually, iOS apps worldwide are adding the new feature. The regram feature is available at the final stage of the posting process. Users can select multiple accounts simultaneously for posting the same post. Howbeit, the feature does not allow users to seize other users’ post or share from their account.

Feature Underwent Long Testing before Roll Out

Instagram has been testing the feature for quite some time. The development of the feature first came to light in November 2017 and then again in September the following year. However, the regram feature was put on hold as it would greatly change the app experience.

Earlier last August, Instagram co-founder asserted that users should keep the feed focused on people they know.

So far, Instagram has not commented if the feature will be available on Android. It hasn’t yet revealed if the regramming feature would be available for stories either. Earlier, there were rumors that Instagram would allow regramming from other accounts to a user’s feeds. This would be much like the retweet function on Twitter. However, Instagram has confirmed that it has no such plans on introducing such a kind of functionality.

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