Inserts & Dividers Market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 5.2% during the forecast period

Industry Insights

Transparency Market Research delivers the key insights on the inserts & dividers market in its published report, titled “Inserts & Dividers Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2018–2026”. In terms of revenue, the global inserts & dividers market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 5.2% during the forecast period, owing to numerous factors, about which TMR offers thorough insights and forecast in this report.

Inserts & dividers include protective packaging solutions such as inserts (includes trays, end caps, sheets) and dividers (corrugated dividers and chipboard dividers). Usage of inserts & dividers helps in maximizing the product to packaging ratio which is why instead of having small individually boxed products, manufacturers find it economical to ship the products in a larger box with dividers. This saves additional cost and packaging material required for individual product packaging and also reduces the packaging waste.

Inserts & dividers protect the packaged products, which has made inserts & dividers an integral part of the protective packaging market. Inserts & dividers are used for packaging of fragile products, along with this inserts & dividers are also used for heavy duty packaging and shipping applications as well as customized luxury packaging. Inserts made of foam cater to a variety of end use application such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, etc. Among these inserts are widely used for packaging of electronic goods such as laptops, cameras, among others.

By product type, inserts segment is expected to account for the highest market share in the inserts & dividers market. The demand for corrugated packaging in the Inserts & Dividers market is at its peak, owing to the thriving e-commerce industry. This is further projected to drive the growth of the global Inserts & Dividers market. Manufacturers are using inserts & dividers to ensure minimal damage to the packaged product during transiting and storage, which has resulted in increased consumption of inserts & dividers in the automotive sector.

The manufacturers operating in inserts & dividers market offer inserts & dividers of polymer and paper material both and can also be customized as per the customer requirement.

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TMR Key Findings:

The packaging of fragile products has always remained a concern of the manufacturers. For instance, in pharmaceutical packaging, various medicinal vials, bottles, and test tubes require dividers because most of these bottles or vials are made up of glass as glass is chemically inert and doesn’t deteriorate with time. Using packaging dividers minimizes the chances of breakage during transit and shipping. The growth in the pharmaceutical industry is expected to translate in the growth of inserts & dividers market during the forecast period.

Over the years, paper-based raw materials have been the primary source of inserts & dividers, but with the increasing popularity of polymers, polymer inserts & dividers are at the epicenter. This can be attributed to their water resistance, lightweight, and better durability than corrugated and chipboard dividers. Apart from this, polymer dividers can be used multiple times for packaging applications.  Also, polymer-based materials are easy and economical to procure

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 The Asia-Pacific inserts & dividers market is anticipated to have substantial growth opportunities during the forecast period. With the rapid economic development, fast-growing food & beverages industry and burgeoning demand for protective packaging, the demand for inserts & dividers are expected to accelerate in the Asia Pacific. The food & beverages segment by end use in the inserts & dividers market is anticipated to remain as the most attractive segment and is projected to expand at a value CAGR of 7.3% in the Asia Pacific inserts & dividers market.

The growth of the consumer electronics industry in the Asia Pacific market as companies look for production relocation to China. The Asia Pacific has witnessed a gush in tablet production. Also, there has been a growing demand for hybrid laptops. China is reported to account for almost 45% of global electronics sales. This makes the Asia Pacific one of the most attractive regions for investors.

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