Innovative Packaging Now Powered Over Distance Wirelessly

Industry Insights

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is a show stopper event for visionary companies and is one of the most influential tech worlds. Amid 2200 kiosks in CES 2002 in Las Vegas, the wireless power innovator PowerCast is the most innovative.

Of all the company’s innovative products, the most innovative and exciting one was the wireless packaging system.

PowerCast’s Power Over Distance Technology 

Powercast’s technology involves power over distance and a long-range wireless charging system that uses broadcast radiofrequency. The energy transforms into DC power by the receiver, which happens to be the best part of the packaging

Powercast’s technology caters to millions of users across the globe and more than fifteen industries, including automotive, consumer electronics, entertainment, IoT, RFID, sensors, and now packaging.

This new battery-less technology can be a game-changer and boost more brands to leverage intelligent packaging techniques for efficient and environment-friendly on-pack communication with customers.

This technology is more than just a visual effect and is purchase friendly as the light and actions draw consumers’ attention. It will be the cherry on the cake if it is motion-activated.

The packaging sector has the potential of opportunities with a wider range of brainstorming possibilities. The market for innovative wireless packaging looks impressive..

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