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Increasing number of security breaches, sophistication of attacks and inability of existing cyber defense systems pose critical threats to any organization. Government and other data centric organizations are constantly challenged to cope up with increasing volume of data, its accessibility over a vast network and ultimately its security. Thereby, such organizations rely heavily on information security products and services to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of organizational data.

Information security products and services perform tasks such as detection and protection against known threats, analysis and mitigation of unknown and advanced malware and investigation and remediation of breaches. With increasing automation and incorporation of cloud and mobile applications in an organization, information security systems have to be applied on various levels throughout the organization.

Some of the major drivers for information security market include increasing volumes of critical data, increasing instances of security breaches, constant threat of attacks and outdated cyber defense systems in an organization. Other key factor contributing to information security market growth is adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) based security solutions which enable organizations to reduce IT support costs by outsourcing their security requirements. Big data security analytics provides an applicable solution to deal with critical issues such as increasing volume of security data collection, processing, storage and analysis.

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However, restraints such as increasing complexity of network infrastructure, exposure to wider range of threats and sophisticated and advanced techniques of attacks pose major hurdles in market growth of information security products and services. Moreover, as new vulnerabilities and attacking methods evolve, any information security solution cannot be deemed as final and constant R&D is required for the same.

Some of the key vendors in information security products and services market are EMC Corp., IBM Corp., Blue Coat Systems, Hewlett-Packard Co., Juniper Networks Inc., Symantec, McAfee Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., Kindsight Inc., Securonix Inc., LogRhythm Inc., TIBCO Software Inc., Veracore Inc. and RSA Security LLC among others.

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