Infinity Flex Display by Samsung to Develop Foldable Screen that Converts Smartphone into Tablet

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Justin Denison the senior vice president of mobile product marketing introduced prototype foldable smartphone in its recent Samsung developer conference held in San Francisco. While introducing the product, he said that the mass production will be carried out in the next few months. The new screen is foldable and can convert a smartphone into a tablet. Further Denison added that foldable screen is the foundation of tomorrow’s smartphone.

In addition, he gave a brief description of the foldable screen which is made of its Infinity Flex Display. However, he didn’t give any information when the foldable phone will be available for its customers.

While describing the details of the foldable screen, he said that the use of Infinity Flex screen is capable of tolerating folding and unfolding multiple times. Thus, when it’s open it will work like a tablet and when it’s closed it will work like a phone. In addition to that, this device will suffice the need of big screen while it’s open and when used as a phone it easily slides inside the pocket.

During the presentation, Samsung also showed their upcoming user interface for mobile devices “One UI”. This user interface is designed with the main objective to reduce cluttered screen in the smartphone and that can work in the foldable display without a glitch.

The aim of the annual gathering was to encourage third-party developers to develop various services and applications offered by Samsung, including its new Infinity Flex screens.

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