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Increasing Urbanization and Digitization to Drive Growth of Global Home Security Solutions Market

Industry Insights

Privacy and security are becoming huge concerns for residential and commercial sectors alike. Several efforts are now being undertaken in order to maintain security of home even when the owners are away. Some of the popular home security solutions are perimeter monitoring systems, and armed patrols, 24-hour manned security gates among others. In recent years, there has been a growing demand for improved and more efficient security solutions as the prevalence of home invasions, burglaries, and property related crimes has grown considerably. Consumers are concerned about the safety of their homes and they are becoming more aware as well about the different ways to maintain security. As such they are willing to invest in the latest, high end home security solutions that are readily available in the market. In addition to this, emergence of smart home technology and its growing popularity in recent years due to several technological developments has increased the demand for home control functions, surveillance, and security. All these factors are thus helping to lay a strong foundation for the growth of the global home security solutions market.

Availability of Dedicated Third Party Service Providers to Drive Market Growth

Different issues that are faced by consumers such as troubleshooting, maintenance, technical difficulties, complexities, and installation problems among others are now being looked after by security service providers. This has considerably helped in broadening the services offerings to consumers. It has also massively helped in fueling the development of the market in recent years. Governing and regulatory bodies in both developing as well as developed regions have backed the initiatives of developing smarter and more secure townships for urban growth. This has created a huge demand for home security solutions, particularly in the residential segment. Even though, the high costs of installation and lower IT awareness of home owners are major growth impeders, increasing digitization and urbanization is expected to help the overall growth of the global market in the near future.

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