Increasing Prevalence of Medical Condition in Geriatric Population Drives Adult Diaper Market

Industry Insights

Growing geriatric population across the globe is the key factor driving demand for the adult diaper. Rising incidents of paralysis, dementia, incontinence, and neurological disorders is one the main reasons resulting in the adoption rate of adult diapers.

Registering the growing demand, players operating in the adult diaper market is consistently innovating the product.

Accounting ongoing development process and sales in the adult diaper market, market analyst at Transparency Market Research estimates sales of adult diapers globe worth US $ 15.6 billion by 2027. In 2018, the global sales in the adult diaper market was approximately US $ 8.2 billion in the year.

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Some of the key developments contributing to growth of the adult diaper market are-

·       Integration of wearable sensor technology in the adult diaper has resulted in smart diapers. Introduction of such diaper aims to address the risk of skin problems associated with diapers. The diaper can be connected with a mobile phone app. The sensor keeps updating wetness level of the diapers. Smart diapers would alert the care provider to change the diaper when required. This will mitigate risk of skin infection. Effective prevention of skin problems helps save money, time, and other resources of healthcare industry.

·     Manufacturing companies are innovating on micro disposable hook fasteners that are gentle and friendly to the skin. These hook fasteners avoid leakage in diapers. Also, sensors integrated in the diaper makes it an efficient product for consumers.

·      Development of eco-friendly and biodegradable adult diapers is serving the motive of circular economy. Also, biodegradable nature of the adult diapers is addressing environmental concerns associated with the disposal factor. Also, plant-based diapers are also found to be skin friendly for patients.  Moreover, compostable pads are suitable for recycling using by the process of commercial composting.

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