Increasing Infrastructural Development Activities Across Globe to Help in Adoption of Construction Waste Management Market

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Rising global population coupled with growth in the activities of building and construction has had a direct impact on the overall development of the global construction waste management market. With massive investments poured in overhauling the domestic infrastructure of emerging economies such as India and China, there has been considerable rise in generation of construction waste. Generation of solid waste due to activities of construction and demolition has a negative impact environment. Construction waste includes materials such as electric wiring, lead asbestos, nails, steel, concrete, wood, and brick among others. Increasing concerns over disposal of such solid construction waste and degradation of environment has led to the adoption of construction waste management systems. Moreover, the adoption has been heavily backed by the regulatory and governmental authorities, which has further helped in driving its overall development.

Different Aspects of Construction Waste Management

The global construction waste management market can be segmented in terms of type of waste, methodology of waste management, application, and geographical segmentation. An ideal construction waste management plan involves activities such as disposal methods, recycling activities, program design, cost analysis, and auditing among others. With the help of construction waste management commercial, industrial, and residential segments are able to sort, reduce, recycle, and dispose the construction waste. Primary techniques used for the purpose of construction waste management involve land fill, incineration, and recycling. Local governments and authorities often develop regulations about the amount of waste that needs to be sifted before the final disposal. An ideal process for construction waste management involves jobsite sorting, collection & hauling, picking, sorting, tipping, containerization, transportation, and disposal. Major waste generated because of these construction activities are typically non-ferrous and ferrous metals, glass, concrete, wood, plastic, paper, and cardboard among others.

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Some of the major players in construction waste management market include companies such as Waste Management, Inc., Republic Services, Inc., KMC Constructions Limited and IEISL.

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