Increasing Factory based Accidents Boosts Safety Light Curtain Market

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Safety Light curtains refer to those opto-electronic devices that are utilized for the safeguarding of personnel in the vicinity of moving machinery such as winders, palletisers, and presses. Safety Light curtains protect those workers from potential harm.

Safety light curtains provide flexibility, freedom, and reduced fatigue of the operator as compared to traditional guarding methods such as pull-back restraints, sliding gates, and mechanical barriers.

The global safety light curtains market is forecasted to be influenced by a bunch of factors such as adoption of safety light curtains technology with Industry 4.0 and its increasing popularity.

Increased Adoption of Safety Light Curtains by the Automotive Industry Fuels Growth

Increasing number of factory based accidents is forecasted to fuel the global safety light curtains market during the forecast period. For example, in 2017 according to a report by Bangladesh Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Foundation, around 1242 people lost their lives due to workplace accidents in Bangladesh.

In addition to that, British Safety Council, one of the leading health and safety organizations in the world, stated that around 48,000 people die each year in India owing to occupational accidents.

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Besides, the rising adoption of safety light curtains technology in the automotive industry is expected to be one of the prominent reasons for market growth in the manufacturing industry over the forecast period. Numerous initiatives by companies are likely to fortify the global safety light curtains market’s roots in manufacturing industry-based offerings. It comes with a significant role in the global safety light curtain market. 

Asia Pacific is forecasted to account for substantial share of the global safety light curtains market during the timeframe of forecast. Asia Pacific is home to many well-established players from the safety light curtains domain comprising market leaders such as Keyence Corporation, Omron Corporation, and Panasonic Corporation. Asia Pacific is experiencing higher adoption of safety light curtains because of the relentless technological progress made by well-established safety light curtain providers in the region.

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