Increasing Digitization and Penetration of Internet to Drive Growth of Global Telemedicine and M-Health Convergence Market

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Telemedicine generally refers to the procedure of offering remote medical and healthcare services through real time communication medium between the consumer and healthcare service provider. The telemedicine process is carried out with the help of phone call with the help of which consumers (patients) get advice from doctors and medical professionals for non-emergency health related problems. Generally, such problems do not patient to visit the doctor or vice versa. Even though this process does not fully replace the requirement of a face to face interaction between the doctor and the patient, it is pretty useful for the cases of non-emergencies. Telemedicine is a highly cost efficient process as it eliminates the need for patient visit to doctor or vice versa for availing medical advice treatment. For an ideal telemedicine process, the patient needs to have a webcam and must log in to a patient portal in order communicate with the doctor.

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How does M-Health differ from Telecommunication?

On the other hand, m-health or mobile health can be defined as medical and health practices that are supported and conducted with the help of personal digital assistants, mobile phones, and patient monitoring devices. M-health services use short messaging services and voice messages along with other complicated functionalities such as Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G and 4G mobile networks in order to provide necessary medical and healthcare services and advice.

As such, the global telemedicine and m-health convergence market is expected to witness a highly promising growth. The telemedicine and m-health convergence market is currently witnessing huge demands with the growing need to check the spread of diseases such as TB, malaria, and HIV/AIDS among others. With improving digitization and growing penetration of internet and smartphones across developing nations and emerging economies, the global telemedicine and m-health convergence market is expected to witness a highly promising growth.

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