Increasing Demand from Building & Construction Industry Primary Growth Factor for Global Ceramic Tiles Market

Industry Insights

Ceramic tiles are among the highly preferred tiles for the construction and building activities all across the world. It is among the key component of the global construction sector. These ceramic tiles are versatile, durable, and quite stylish in use. They play a vital role in defining the aesthetics of any space. Ceramic tiles are produced from several different clays and minerals such as kaolin, bentonite, clay, zircon, and feldspar among others. Raw materials for the production of these tiles undergo several different mechanical operations such as drying, mixing, and forming. The body of tile is then further subjected to additional heating at higher temperatures so as to improve their porosity. The end result is resistant ceramic tiles.

Increasing Usage Options Due to Availability in Different Shapes and Colors

As mentioned before, ceramic tiles are among the integral components of the global construction industry. These tiles are the most preferred choice for the construction of exterior and interior floors, roofs, partitions, walls, footpaths, and swimming pools among others. One key reason for their popularity is their affordability. Also, these tiles come if wide ranges of shapes, sizes, and colors, offering great sense of artistic and aesthetic freedom. They are used in the construction of concrete residential structures such as villas, apartments, flats, and bungalows to commercial ones such as airports, hospitals, and malls among others. With the growing developments and advancements in the field of building & construction, naturally, the global ceramic tiles market is expected to witness highly lucrative growth opportunities in the near future.

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Some of the key companies operating in the global ceramic tiles market are Mohawk Industries, Inc., Siam Cement Group, Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Ceramics, Grupo Lamosa, Kajaria Ceramics, China Ceramics Co. Ltd., LASSELSBERGER GmbH, Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche S.p.A., Gruppo Concorde S.p.A., Johnson Tiles, and Kale Group.

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