Increasing Demand for Paper Coupled with Developments in Aluminum Industry to Drive Growth of Global Caustic Soda Market

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The global market for caustic soda is expected to witness a promising momentum in the near future as there is an increasing demand for paper and paperboards. In addition to this, recent developments and advancements in the aluminum industry is also marked as a key driving factor for the development of the global market. As the demand for day to day retail products such as pulp, paper, alumina, detergents, and soap keep on increasing, it will have a highly positive impact on the overall development of the global caustic soda market.

However, there are a few factors that might pose a considerable challenge in front of the market stakeholders in the near future. One of the biggest restraining factor for the market growth has been the highly energy consuming manufacturing process of caustic soda. It puts a considerable strain on the resources of the companies operating in the global market. However, the companies in the global market are expected to explore business opportunities in previously untapped regions of Africa, which may help in balancing their profits. It is projected that the global market for caustic soda will reach a valuation worth US$39.75 bn by the end of 2020.

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Organics Segment is Emerged as Key Performing Segment in Global Market

In recent years, the segment of organics has emerged to be a key performer in the global caustic soda market, closely followed by paper and pulp. Food processing, petroleum processing, and textiles have also shown decent growth in recent years. Caustic soda is used as a crucial reactant in the production of various organic chemicals.

Based on regional segmentation, the Asia Pacific region has been the most dominant segment of the global caustic soda market with an overall market share of nearly 50%. Increasing demand from the key emerging nations such as China, Indonesia, and India is expected to be the key driving factor for the growth of the Asia Pacific market.

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