Increasing Concerns Regarding Scarcity of Clean and Fresh Water to Drive Growth of Global Water Treatment Systems Market

Industry Insights

Water treatment indicates to the treatment of water through different processes so as to make it usable for specific end uses such as river flow maintenance, industrial water supply, irrigation, and drinking among others. The growing demand for cleaner water for industrial as well as drinking purpose has been the key driving factor for the overall development of the global water treatment systems market in recent years. These water treatment systems make water more useful or portable with the help of processes such as deodorization, softening, and purification among others.

Growing Demand from Residential Sector

Growing water scarcity, increasing water pollution, dwindling source of fresh and clean water, and rising awareness of using clean and safe water are some of the key factors that are helping to drive the growth of the global water treatment systems market. In addition to this, the demand for clean water is relatively high in the residential sector. This has prompted increasing installation of water treatment systems in prominent residential sectors. In addition to this, growing urbanization and industrialization has also led to increasing installation of these systems and thus driving the market growth.

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Water treatment systems are typically installed either at the point of use or at the point of entry. Technologies for water treatment such as electrolysis, adsorption, water softening reverse osmosis, distillation, filtration, and disinfection are commonly utilized. These techniques are used for treating irrigation, industrial, drinking, and other water supplies. Of all these, filtration is the most commonly used water treatment technology. It is generally used at the point of entry. On the other hand, at the point of use, generally, reverse osmosis is the most commonly used water treatment technology. Different water treatment systems such as tabletop pitchers, countertop units, under the sink filters, and faucet mounted filters are used at the point of use.

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