Increasing Awareness Regarding Hygiene of Private Parts Driving Demand for Feminine Hygiene Wash Products

Industry Insights

Rising awareness regarding hygiene of intimate parts is one of the key factor driving feminine hygiene wash market. Lately, women are consulting gynecologist for any concern associated with private parts. Hence, gynecologists keep recommending to use certain wash in order to avoid any risk of infection. As a result, women are widely adopting hygiene wash.

Feminine hygiene wash is cleansing product formulated specifically to cleanse intimate body parts of women. Application of such cleansing products not only helps to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, but also to secure themselves against odor, infections, itching, and other issues.

Flexibility of Use Promotes Adoption Rate of Feminine Hygiene Wash

These products can be used at any time, even during pregnancy or periods. The application of products poses no harms to health of women. In fact, experts and gynecologist recommend use of intimate hygiene wash instead of shower gel or soap. This is because of balanced pH of the product.

Distribution channels and advertisements are aiding to enhance knowledge about wide range of feminine hygiene products available. This, in turn, is helping in expansion of the global feminine hygiene wash market.

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Promotional Drives Aids to Penetration of Feminine Hygiene Wash in Market

Earlier, women were too conservative to discuss mensuration or hygiene of intimate parts. These days, modern women, specifically teenagers are breaking this taboo. With advent of such products, women are discussing it usage and associated benefits. Also, various manufacturing companies are investing heavily on campaigns to raise awareness about the feminine hygiene wash products. Few companies are conducting promotional drives to enhance penetration of feminine hygiene wash and similar products in the market.

Further, product innovations and growing investment inflow is revolutionizing global feminine hygiene wash. For convenience of women, manufactures are launching wide array of products such as wipes and sprays. New entrants in the global market space is introducing innovative product range, in order to gain wide customer traction.

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