Inclination towards Organic Food Create A Growth Avenue for Food Preservatives Market

The global food preservatives market is expected to witness a surge in its demand due to change in lifestyle and consumer preference for hygienic foods. The demand for preservatives synthetics as well as natural is bolstering the growth of ingredients and food additives that constrain the growth of microorganisms, fungi, and bacteria. Additives are known to enrich the taste of the food. It is also used for coloring the food and add to it, thus helping the food to preserve its natural characteristics.  The food preservatives market has witnessed a numerous trends and competitive dynamics, which are helping to evolve the market.
Rise in concern regarding the hygienic quality of the food is making consumers to uptake various forms of preservatives. Need to stop the outbreak of various diseases due to consumption of bacteria fed food is fueling the growth of the market. The global market of food preservatives is anticipated to expand at 3.5% of CAGR during the accessed period 2014 -2022. It has been envisaged that the market is to be worth at US$2.5 bn by the end of 2020. 
Recently, a team of researchers of College of Food, Agriculture, and Environment Sciences (CFAES) developed a technology which could be used for preserving the food and beverages without using chemicals or artificial preservatives. The team has developed a high pressure based shear technology which is called Ultra-Shear Technology which can be used to preserve food with recognizable ingredients thus reducing the fear among the health conscious population regarding chemicals which they generally use in day to day life. This innovation can make the food taste good. The technology reduces the thermal exposure of the food and controls the temperature of the food, thus curbing the growth of fungi, microorganism, and bacteria. 
As the food preservatives market is evolving there are various other restrains that are anticipated to pull down the market. Some of the important factor affecting the growth of the market are:
Rise in demand of organic food is believed to have a positive impact on the growth of the food preservatives market. Rapid urbanization has triggered in change of lifestyle. Large number of population are now preferring to eat healthy and nutrients enriched food which will make them stay fit. This is making them to shift towards organic foods, thus making the demand of preservatives for it. In order prevent from getting sick, people have started using natural preservatives, thus making the demand rise.
Several chemicals used as preservatives in food are rigorously challenged by the children’s pediatrician as, it has been found that these chemical are cause of several hormonal change in the body of children.  Chemicals such as nitrates and nitrites which are used as preservatives for meant products are raising the question about the safety of the food. These factors are expected to deter the growth of the global preservatives market.
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Government of various countries are implementing stringent rules and regulation on the food preservatives market. For example Food and Drug Market of U.S has asked each and every preservatives to pass rigorous test in order to provide safety of its consumer. Once the FDA approves the preservatives, then and only then the preservative is said to be safe for consumption.
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