Impeller Packers Market Analysis, Strategic Assessment, Trend Outlook and Business Opportunities


Filling of very fine powder products such as cement and flour is a difficult task to be done manually, as it is highly likely to get lost in some quantity with the air flow. To protect the product from getting wasted and fill the product into the bags with high speed, the filling machines with impellers are used. The impeller packers or impeller fillers maintain a high-pressure air flow that makes the flow of the product fast. Also, the machine is designed such that the loss of product in the filling process is minimized to a feasible limit. A large number of products being manufactured in very fine powder form signifies a large market opportunity for the impeller packers.

Impeller Packers Market Dynamics

The use of an impeller in the filling machine greatly enhances the capability of the machine for filling very fine powders. Other than the reduction in the loss of product and high-speed filling, the impeller packers are manufactured with additional features such as dust collection system, simultaneous weighing system, and various other safety systems, considering the safety of an operator dealing with the machine. Also, the manufacturers of end-use products are advancing the manufacturing technology for increasing fineness of the powder product to increase the surface area open to the atmosphere of the product enhancing the product capability.

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With the decreasing particulate size of the powdered products, the requirement of impeller packers is rising globally. Due to the high-speed filling of the impeller packer, the machines are suitable for high capacity bags as used in construction industry but are  not suitable for filling small bags as used in the cosmetics industry as it will take very less time to get filled. The high-speed flow of the product and high pressure of the powder creates a challenge in handling small bags. The size factor of the bags to be packed acts as a restraint on the impeller packers market.

The impeller packers market can be segmented on the basis of number of filling spouts as

  • Single spout
  • Multiple spout

The impeller packers market can be segmented on the basis of the end-user industries as

  • Food
  • Construction
  • Pet care
  • Electronics
  • Chemical
  • Agricultural
  • Other

The impeller packers market can be segmented on the basis of geographic regions as

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Middle East & Africa (MEA)
  • Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ)
  • Japan

China is the largest construction industry and one of the leading electronics industry in the world, while various countries such as Iraq, Indonesia, Afghanistan and ASEAN countries are the leading exporters of wheat flour of the globe. Also, the high availability of raw materials for manufacturing machinery in China and India enables the APEJ region to provide low-cost impeller packers. Rapidly rising economies in the region, accompanying the factors stated above signifies a large and potential market for impeller packers in Asia Pacific. The manufacturers of various industries are advancing towards achieving a maximum level of automation in North America and Western Europe.

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The consumption of packaged food, chemicals, electronics, and construction material in the developed countries of North America and Western Europe, along with high production capability in terms of machinery signifies a large and well-established market for impeller packers in the region. Although the requirement of packaging powder products is significant in MEA, Latin America, and Eastern Europe region, the high cost of the machine has restrained the impeller packer market size. On the other hand, dropping prices for packaging machinery and increasing GDP of the developing countries signifies a fast growth of impeller packers market in these regions

Some of the key players in the impeller packers market are Mondi Group, Choice Bagging Equipment, Ltd., VIC Systems International, LLC, Aprotech Engineers Pvt. Ltd., ECC, Inc, Premier Tech Chronos, and Chantland MHS Co., among others

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