Hypersurfacess Claims To Turn Surface into User Interface

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How will you feel if surfaces such as glass wall, car door, and wooden table can be converted into user interface without the need of any touch screen or physical button? This is what the HyperSurfacess, a startup based in London is planning and dreaming about. HyperSurfacess played a major role behind the Mogees line of music devices and software, which is uncovering cmajor breakthrough in UI technology.

The sensor tech company, HyperSurfacess is currently having four patents pending. The company has combined vibration sensors with the advanced development in the artificial intelligence and machine learning to convert object of any shape, size, and material into a smart object that has the ability to recognize or understand physical interactions.

Founder and CEO of Mogees, Bruno Zamborlin said that the real reason behind the idea was to merge data and physical worlds in a seamless way, this is done to get rid of extra buttons such as keyboards and touchscreens. Zamborlin mentions that it is hard to imagine what the applications of HyperSurfacess technology might become.  However, he claims that the major reason to make the idea come into work is to include objects which haven’t been included in recent progress. For instance, previous, glass, wood, and other forms of materials were not associated with technology earlier until now.

In order to emphasize on the concept and its widespread application, Zamborlin says to imagine IoT devices made out of wood. Other applications of user interface is likely to have a positive impact on the automobile industry as the manufacturers might eradicate switches and buttons present on the cockpits and car doors.

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