Hydrogen Technologies take front seat for net zero energy goals

Industry Insights

The goal to achieve net zero energy wherein the total amount of energy used is equal to the overall energy produced is nearly there. And, hydrogen technologies play an important role to achieve such goals.

At the virtual conference Energy Storage and Conversion of AIP Publishing Horizons, the researchers behind the initiative will provide their insights on research, development, and deployment of hydrogen technologies that are impeding the progress of this technology.

In fact, to attain a Net Zero plan, electrification and hydrogen technologies are the key drivers, and gaps and requirements in the areas need to be addressed before hydrogen-driven future can take full form.

However, to reach Net Zero energy goals by the middle of the century is challenging, yet feasible if all conditions are satisfied. The journey is commencing and the need is to accelerate the pace of energy transition. In this process hydrogen technologies will play a key role knowing that hydrogen is a versatile energy carrier that can be used for the production as well as storage of energy.

Meanwhile, a number of barriers are preventing the scale up and large uptake of hydrogen technologies worldwide. Technology and manufacturing to policy, economics, infrastructure, and user acceptance are some of the barriers. However there are several opportunities for both private and public sectors such as development, research, and deployment collaboration.

Among all the industries, the petrochemical sector has witnessed the leading consumption of hydrogen. However, with increasing relevance and technical accessibility of hydrogen technologies as well as economic gains, other industry sectors such as power, industrial processes, and transportation will increasingly be adopting them.

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