Human-like Companion Robot now a Reality

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The human-like robots what was once futuristic is now a reality. It can move, talk, and think to fetch a cup of coffee, and can dance too. It can by all means fill the void for companionship that humans crave for.

A number of companion robots are now available for sale, and several of them displayed at CES in Las Vegas. These robots vary in size with some of them for tabletop use. They function akin to pumped-up Amazon Echos with higher moving pieces. However, some others are walking, standing, humanoid robots straight out of an Isaac Asimov tale.

Companies that have developed robots have their own view regarding the approach employed. Some opine people want a robot that does not look like one. While other users want to have a machine companion as if they were humans, which at the first instance seems creepy.

UBTECH’S Walker steals show at CES this year

At CES Las Vegas, the most impressive humanoid robot exhibited was Walker developed by robotics giants UBTECH. UBTECH is a known name in the minds of users. Its Lego-like Jimu robotics kits are at Apple stores over the past several years. Other offerings of the company are adorable little stormtrooper model and Alexa-powered humanoid robot.

However, Walker is the mightiest of all. The human-like robot stands nearly at five feet weighing 170 lbs. This real-life Android is human like in all ways.

At CES Las Vegas, the human-like Walker was giving a simple demonstration to show off its capabilities around the house. It’s essentially a robotic butler that is agile enough to pick up objects or open doors.

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