Huawei’s New Chipset Kunpeng 920 to boost its Nascent Cloud Business

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Huawei unveiled a next-generation chipset, called the Kunpeng 920 on Monday. The new chipset will power Huawei’s new TaiShan server. However, after launching the chipset Huawei had to face constant accusations from the U.S. The latter said that the Chinese government can use the chipset to spy on the U.S. citizens.

However, Huawei has ensured such hindrances would not affect the smooth running of its business. Huawei’s chief strategy marketing officer William Xu stated that the company aims to attract customers with high quality products.

Kunpeng 920 Is Aiming to Reach at Top of Cloud

The architecture from ARM helps in the production of Kunpeng 920. The Kunpeng 920 is the latest hit in the semiconductor industry. This is because the 7 nanometer chipset is more powerful and energy efficient than other over-sized components. The incorporation of Kunpeng into Huawei’s new servers helps in processing and storing large amounts of data.

Kunpeng 920, however, is not the only 7 nm chipset that Huawei has launched. Previously, the company had also unveiled Ascend 910 to handle AI applications running in the cloud. It had gained immense popularity.

Huawei is highly optimistic that TaiShan Servers will boost its business to a great extent. Huawei has worked with ARM architecture this time. Despite it, the company wishes to continue its relationship with other tech giants such as Intel.

By launching chips for servers and smartphones, Huawei intends to become one of the world’s top five cloud players.

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