Hshh…Baby’s Sleeping! Smart Speakers can Now Monitor their Breath


Initially, the so-called smart speakers were only used to streamline kitchen operations and organizing parties. Of course, also to listen to music. But that not smart anymore. Intelligence induced speakers like Amazon Echo, Google Home was the stepping stone for smart speakers. However, these speakers are also things of tomorrow these days. Now the Intelligence is in monitoring.

The University of Washington has developed a new speaker that can monitor the breathing pattern of sleeping baby and play soothing white noise to make the baby sleep. The new speakers are BreathJunior. These speakers record and monitor the reflected white noise and determine whether the baby is awake or not. During a test, the speakers were able to detect the reflected white noise that was as similar to that of the baby’s vital signs.

What Makes BreathJunior So Unique?

According to Dr. Jacob Sunshine, the major challenge that any new parents face is to ensure that the baby is getting enough sleep. Moreover, they also want to ensure that they have a sound sleep and in case the baby wakes up they can attend him easily. Based on this challenge Dr. Jacob Sunshine and his team sought to develop a system that can combine both the parameters. The new device can combine a soothing wavelength of white noise and the ability to monitor the breathing pattern of a baby.

For the future, the device is under constant development to monitor if the baby is unwell. This breakthrough shall allow the parents to understand that the baby is not feeling well and can take the baby to a doctor. This shall help parents to better understand the baby and take better care. This shall also help the parents to raise the baby with all of its health.

The device is not yet commercialized. However, has created a buzz in the medical sector, especially for new and to-be mothers.

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