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How Veteran Affairs is Accelerating Digital Modernization, Explain Experts

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In light of recent policy initiatives, including the White House ‘Executive Order for Transforming Federal Customer Experience Service Delivery, Federal agency leaders are working hard to improve the delivery of public services.”

Chris Johnston is a growing-rank federal executive who is focused on the digital experience of federal customers. In a new FedScoop video interview, the executive throws light on the key factors restraining the government’s ability to meet the customers’ digital customer experience expectations and shares his insights on initiatives taken by Veteran Affairs to overcome challenges.

One of the most significant challenges is competing priorities for limited resources for people or technology. The challenge is some technologies and systems that are being tried to blend with new processes.

Veteran affairs has done a tremendous job on several levels trying to employ customer-focused, user-focused, veteran-focused approach. Earlier, there weren’t lot of warm response to the idea of modern CX processes. This required some of the predecessors to pitch in and rattle cages, trying to be able to do certain things that now appear natural, for any advanced software development cycle.

The executive also describes efforts to bring together veteran affairs’ many duplicate data repository and the need to put data together to improve the digital experience that jointly makes it a more smart choice for veterans.

Some ways in which modern technology has helped federal agencies are shared by the head of strategy and growth, federal and nonprofits at Amazon Web Services.

One of the biggest challenges federal customers deal with is the explosion of digitized data. Data is at the heart of designing and delivering exceptional citizen experiences, added the executive.

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