Holistic Tech Integrations Create Sustainable Revenue Streams for Renewables Management System Operators


Smart energy solutions and tools are storming the renewables management system (RMS) industry. This is evident since the conventional power grid is a one-way type of electricity generation system which is employed to transfer energy from limited sources of electrical energy to many consumers. Whereas, the smart grid enables consistent, reliable and flexible supply of electricity, which is leveraged with an advanced metering infrastructure.

However, the renewable energy industry is faced with practical challenges in terms of implementing energy storage, combining distributed systems and reporting on renewables.

It has been found that energy output from a solar farm can drop without warning since in many instances clouds tend to block the sunlight onto the panels. Hence, companies operating in the renewables management systems industry should invest in R&D for developing reliable energy storage systems to augment the advantages of solar energy.

Control software on the other hand is a no-brainer to better monitor fluctuations in wind energy. But there is a need to accurately manage vast wind energy generation sites, where the data from each asset needs to be combined into a singular entity. Thus, companies are introducing geographical information systems (GIS) data into the control software that allows operators to zoom on the map to reveal greater levels of details.

Reporting on renewables is the first step for better grid management. To achieve this, companies are innovating in intelligent renewable energy management software such as the zenon Analyzer which helps to generate key performance indicators (KPIs) and predictive analysis in terms of renewable energy generation.

Proliferation of mobile apps for remote monitoring of renewables management system is growing prominent. The CGI Renewables Management System is one of the best examples for remote monitoring of systems with the help of its iOS and Android RMS Monitor App.

To conclude, RMS is still in its nascent stage, but it has potential for commercialization with investments in smart software technologies.


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