Here are The Coolest Features in New Google Chrome


Google has launched a beta version of new chrome for testing. The version known as Canary promises to turn a few heads at the very least.

Canary has offered more control for users for customization of tabs. Henceforth, users can pick up the plus tab sign and move it around. Additionally, tabs promise to fade in the background during inactivity.

Moreover, Canary also promises more data control and safety for users. Using canary, users can set limits on data usage. As data-use rises, this feature is likely to sway millions of hungry netizens.

Canary will also block unsafe connections.  Users would have, ‘Block unsafe downloads over insecure connections’ option in canary. This feature would block any downloads instantly, which are made over insecure connections.

The efficacy of this feature remains to be seen. However, based on Chrome’s track-record of effectiveness, it is a promising development.

Canary Promises to Bring User Privacy into Spotlight  

Chrome canary also promises more privacy for users. Smartphones and laptops are laden with various sensors such as accelerometer, light sensors, and gyroscope. Many websites use these sensors to detect your device, and understand your regular use.

Canary promises a quick access to people, uneasy at the thought of spying sensors. Canary also promises block option for user-approved websites. Earlier versions of Chrome, offered a one-size-fits-all blocking option for all websites. However, Canary would offer more selection options among different websites.

Websites deploying sensors would have nowhere to hide as pop-ups would allow users of their activity. Let’s hope users treat these pop-ups in their right spirit, for a change.

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