Hectic Working Schedules among Women a Major Factor Boosting the Demand for Breast Pumps

The use of breast pumps by lactating mothers is highly recommended and influenced by certified lactation consultants, pediatricians, and gynecologists. Breast pumps prove to be encouraging especially for mothers who suffer from flat or engorged nipples, breast engorgements, or in cases of premature births.
The value of the global breast pumps market in 2013, according to a report published by Transparency Market Research, was US$1,194.16 million, which is expected to grow to US$2,609.21 million by 2020. At a healthy CAGR of 8.8% from 2014 to 2022, the global breast pumps market is poised for steady growth.
Here are a few factors that fuel the development of the global market:
Rising Population of Working Women results in Heightened Demand 
A key factor that has boosted the breast pump market is the rise in working mother population around the world. Change in lifestyles and women prioritizing their careers along with childcare have had a positive impact on the breast pump market. 
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Earlier this month, US-based corporate giant IBM announced that it will be launching a service that will allow working mothers to send expressed breast milk easily back home to their babies while they are traveling on business. The aim of this service is to better help mothers to balance their work and home. In addition, companies such as IBM have realized the need to attract more female talent and keep their working women on board.
Measures such as these have fueled the demand for breast pumps.
Rising population of working women has also translated into the increase in disposable income, thereby making breast pumps an affordable product for many.
Availability of Varied and Advanced Technologies Propelling Growth 
Breast pumps today are available in different designs, based on various modes of operation and frequency of breastfeeding. The easy availability of technologically and medically advanced breast pumps is driving the growth of the global market.
By design, there are two main types of breast pumps available in the market: open systems and closed systems. Open systems are breast pumps that are without any barrier between the pump tubing and the milk collection kit. This leaves the collected milk rather susceptible to contamination. Closed pumps, on the other hand, have a barrier between the pump tubing and the collection kit, preventing the milk from contaminating.
A wide range of breast pumps are available depending upon the mode of operation. The four main types are single electric, double electric, manual, and hospital-grade breast pumps. Single electric breast pumps are the most preferred kind compared to manual breast pumps owing to variable suction pressures and powerful motor capacity. Double electric breast pumps are mainly preferred for frequent breastfeeding since it allows for efficient milk expression and less time consumption. Hospital-grade breast pumps are mainly designed to establish milk supply and get mothers acquainted with the use of breast pumps. Their effective pumping capacity, powerful motor, and ability to support multiple users makes hospital-grade breast pumps far superior than the other kinds.
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While the use and popularity of breast pumps already enjoy an established status in developed countries, their scope for further demand in emerging economies is still high. Major players competing in the market are looking to make the most of the opportunities available in these markets by focusing on promotional activities and consistent product modifications.
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