Health Intelligent Virtual Assistant Market: Implementing Patient’s Engagement Solution to Improve Experience of the Patients is Fueling the Growth


The rising demand for global health intelligent virtual assistant market in the healthcare sectors to boost growth of the overall market. Moreover, healthcare organization is improving their healthcare facilities for the patients by developing various advanced solutions such as reminder for medication and personalized service for the patients. For instance, artificial intelligent in virtual assistant help in reducing the overall rate of the patients who are getting affected due to chronic disease like Swine Flu and Ebola. In addition, the health intelligent virtual assistant helps in providing prominent major for various other disease like Tuberculosis , HIV, and malaria.

Various organizations are utilizing the patients experience strategy and implementing patient’s engagement solution to improve experience of the patients and also boost revenue. This in turn helps in fueling growth of this market.

Increasing adoption of health virtual assistant in the healthcare sector anticipated to increase more participation across the globe. This is another factors supporting growth of this market in coming years. Also, expansion of digital transformation led to advancement in product and service, this is another factor contributing to the growth of this market in coming years. Moreover, this new solution of health intelligent virtual assistant helps in improving the experience of patient’s interaction with the clinicians or healthcare organizations.

On the basis of geographical viewpoint, North America Dominate the global market for health intelligent virtual assistant owing to rising adoption of smartphone and IoT. The shortage of healthcare unit, physicians and clinicians in U.S. region expected to boost the regional market. Countries such as India and China are actively taking initiative to implement MVAs in the healthcare organizations.

The rising population and dearth of skilled and proficient’s therapists and clinicians to supplement growth of this market in near future. Owing to rising prevalence of the health intelligent virtual assistant in APAC region to support growth of this market in coming years.

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This section of the report highlights prominent players operating in the global health intelligent virtual assistant market. Some of the players functioning in this market includes CodeBaby Corporation, CSS Corporation,  True Image Interactive, Inc., eGain Corporation and Nuance Communications, Inc.The manufacturers are largely focused toward innovation of products and technology in order to strengthen their presence across the globe. Mergers and acquisitions and strategic alliance are major strategy adopted by the companies operating in health intelligent virtual assistant market. For example, Nuance Communications, Inc and Epic Systems Corporation collaborated on voice assistance technology to boost growth of this market in coming years. Furthermore, various companies are launching new app and technology to act as artificial intelligent agent to uplift and improve the experience of the patients and bridge gap between through improving communication facilities with the clinicians.

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