Hazelnut Skin Powder Market : Present Scenario and the Growth Prospects with Forecast 2019 – 2027

Industry Insights

Hazelnut, also known as cobnut or filber nuts, is best known for its use in food and beverage industry, health and personal care industry, cosmetics industry, and nutraceuticals industry because it is rich in proteins, is a good source of antioxidants, can lower down LDL Cholesterol and it is also a skin conditioning agent. However, these days, research and development is going on and hazelnut skin powder has drawn attention of many manufacturers. Hazelnut skin powder is derived from Hazelnut skin by high shear homogenization. It is anticipated to be a useful product as Hazelnut skin is rich in dietary fibers and is therefore used in nutraceuticals, is rich in proteins, is also a good source of antioxidants, is used as functional foods ingredient and as a natural colorant.

Hazelnut skin powder is at the R&D stage till now and research is still going on. It has a vast opportunity to grow and is anticipated to bring in fruitful innovations and products in the market that will be high in nutritional value, comparatively cheaper than the conventional hazelnut products, will be gluten-free, provide health benefits, prevent various diseases and will be helpful in enhancing the appearance of dry and damaged skin. Various benefits that hazelnut skin has, is anticipated to drive Hazelnut skin powder market.

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Industrialization and Healthcare Awareness: Potential Drivers for Hazelnut Skin Powder Market

As people are getting more health conscious these days, Hazelnut skin powder market could be escalated as hazelnut skin is rich in dietary fibers and antioxidants, So, Hazelnut skin powder could be used in dietary supplements and functional foods. Functional foods and processed foods are also in trend nowadays as they provide various health benefits and have a long shelf life.

This could serve as one of the drivers for hazelnut skin powder market. Hazelnut is native to U.S., and Europe also holds the majority of Hazelnut plantations. As health care awareness in Europe and U.S.A is increasing, it is expected to fuel Hazelnut skin powder market. In addition to this, Food Industry is well established in the U.S.A and companies are introducing reforms and innovative products to the public. This can further serve as a driver for hazelnut skin powder market. Hazelnut skin powder market has a tremendous potential to prosper due the properties that Hazelnut’s skin possess.

Hazelnut’s production first started in Asia and it serves as one of the major producers of Hazelnut in the world. As food industry is proliferating in Asia Pacific region, and bakery and confectionary products are also in a high demand, hazelnut skin powder could find its use as Hazelnuts are enormously used in processed foods, functional foods and bakery products.

Since hazelnut skin powder is at R&D stage till now, no companies are engaged in its manufacturing. But, as the research on hazelnut skin powder progresses, it is anticipated that the demand for hazelnut skin powder market will escalate.

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Hazelnut skin powder has a vast potential to grow, Firstly, because hazelnut skin is rich in antioxidants and dietary fibers and secondly because of the rising health awareness and growing food industry. But, Hazelnut skin is a by-product of Hazelnut and it is not as widely processed and used as Hazelnuts. Key players and manufacturers should recognize this as an opportunity and consider the advantages and benefits that hazelnut skin offers and introduce products say hazelnut skin powder that will benefit both the market and the public.

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