Growing Risk of Healthcare Associated Infections reflects well on Sterile Medical Packaging’s Demand

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Contamination from medical devices and drugs have been an echoing concern in the healthcare industry. Developments in the sterile medical packaging market draws strength from these concerns. The health risks are huge for the patients and clinicians. In medical devices, such concerns stem from the event of sterile devices coming in contact with non-sterile surfaces during aseptic transfer.

Growing risks of healthcare associated infections (HAI) is a key underpinning to the demand for better sterile packaging for medical devices as well as for medical drugs. Especially, patients affected by HAI have been a key sufferers of mortality and morbidity in health care systems in developed countries. A range of sterilization methods has cropped up in the global sterile medical packaging market. For example, there is a marked demand for tray and pouch-based systems.

The prospects of the global sterile medical packaging market was vast. As per a report by Transparency Market Research estimates the market to cross US$ 8,771.4 Mn in 2018, and projects it to rise at promising CAGR from 2018 to 2026.

Customized Sterile Medical Packaging might open New Avenue

Growing awareness about HAI has also got solid boost from stringent regulations in the medical industry. In this regard, ISO 11607-1:2006 needs mention. The ISO standard is not a comprehensive regulation for healthcare facilities in particular and the medical industry in general. Nonetheless, it bears large significance in ensuring the sterility of terminally sterilized medical devices before the point of use.

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In recent years, customized sterile medical packaging has made remarkable advance. The drive for this stems from the need for bringing down the cost and time in packaging development. Medical device manufacturers have considerably benefitted from this. Pre-validated sterile medical packaging offer them gains of faster-to-market. Unarguably, customization brings added benefits. Such initiatives might fuel scope of collaborations between medical device manufacturers and packaging companies in the next few years. On another note, advancement in packaging materials also bodes well for the safety of medical devices the packaging contains. The use of fibre-based materials is a case in point.

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