Growing Preference to Use Plant-Based Food Products Holds Potential to Boost Demand for Dairy Alternatives

Industry Insights

People today are more concerned about the food they eat. Growing inclination towards following plant-based or vegan diet patterns to maintain a healthy lifestyle has opened the doors for the growth of the global dairy alternatives market. Major food products from the dairy alternatives category are manufactured using purely vegetarian sources such as almond, rice, oats, and coconut. Growing awareness about the health benefits of dairy alternatives is pushing the global dairy alternatives market.

Dairy alternatives are on high demand as many products under this category are rich in protein continents. Rising demand for dairy alternatives among people engaged in weight management activities is projected to drive the global dairy alternatives market during upcoming period.  Many researches have proved that choosing plant-based or vegan diet offers many health benefits. Lowered chances of heart disease and stokes is one of the key benefits of using plant-based diet. To leverage this benefit, a wide range of population is shifting to use dairy alternatives.

Many vendors in the global dairy alternatives market are chasing innovative ways to attract their customer base. Besides offering regular unflavored food options, many companies have introduced dairy alternatives with new delightful flavors as one of the business strategy. Food products using combination of other tasty options such as chocolates are gaining traction among children.

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Some important companies are growing their regional reach. For this purpose, they are using tactics of acquiring their small regional rivals. All these efforts are helping the growth of the global dairy alternatives market. Supermarkets, specialty stores, and grocery stores are traditional sales channels that contribute major share in the market growth. Many companies are chasing new ways to increase their sales. Many vendors are using online sales channels to reach end-users. This trend of online product sales is projected to support the global dairy alternatives market growth.

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