Growing Geriatric Population Influence Demand for Ambulance Stretchers

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Ambulance stretcher market has been primarily driven by emergency medical services (EMSs). Accident cases and growing medical incident related to geriatric population are main segments constituting emergency medical services.

As per a report published by the WHO, geriatric population (people aged 65 or above) is anticipated to grow exponentially in forthcoming years. In 2010, geriatric population was estimated 524 million. The number is likely to reach 1.5 billion by 2050.

Old age is followed by heart attack, arthritis, stroke, and many other medical condition. Patients with aforementioned medical conditions require urgent medical attention. Hence, growing geriatric population is projected to influence ambulance stretchers market.

Efforts by Government Bodies to Raise Awareness Likely to Push Horizon of Ambulance Stretchers Market

Further, efforts by government bodies are also favoring growth of the ambulance stretcher market. Government bodies at several regions are investing to increase the number of ambulance services (private and public). For example, in Australia, the budget in 2017 involved addition of 50 more relief paramedics to the available NSW ambulance services.

Number of campaigns have also been run by government to raise awareness regarding the use of emergency services. For example, according to a study report, approximately 73% of population is aware of 108 ambulance services in the country, but are unaware of other local EMS.

Besides awareness, government is also focusing on enhancement of fleet sizes to meet the growing demand. With rising number of ambulances, ambulance stretcher market is also witnessing growth in the demand rate of ambulance stretchers.

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Medical Tourism Bring Innovation Wave in Ambulance Stretcher Makret

In healthcare field, medical tourism is one rising trend. The trend specifically involves the use of air ambulance to carry patient. Lately, adoption of air ambulance has been witnessed in developing countries such as Saudi Arabia, India, and China. Growing use of air ambulance is likely to influence ambulance stretcher market. Pneumatic and electric stretchers are required in air ambulance. Hence, the stretcher market is likely to witness innovations to keep up with the rising demand for new technology in stretchers.

On the other hand, the stretchers must comply with the safety norms set by the government bodies. This, in turn, influences the cost of ambulance. Meanwhile, installment of paramedics and essential components in the ambulance increases the overall cost of ambulance ride.

High cost associated with ambulance ride may interfere with the adoption of ambulance services, specifically in developing economies and in the regions with unfavorable reimbursement policies. As a result, the ambulance stretcher market might get affected to some extent in forthcoming years.

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