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Grape skin is the outer part of a grape, the Vitis genus, commonly known as Grapevines. The grapevine is scientifically known as Vitis Vinifera. Grape is native to central Europe and southwestern Asia, even though it is cultivated throughout the world. Grape skin extract is nothing but the extraction from grape skin in various forms, which is widely used in medicines and foods. The consumption of grape skin extract is growing due to the addition of dietary supplements in the diets of consumers in various forms. The skin of the grapes has maximum concentration of anthocyanin, owing to which it also used in dietary supplements. Grape skin extract also contains trans-resveratrol, which is an essential component of the grape skin extract, and used to inhibit the blood clots. There are different types of grapes, e.g., green, red, and black. Red grape skin extract is taken from different Vitis Vinifera grown in Marlborough, New Zealand. Similarly, green grape skin extract, black grape skin extract and others are made from different Vitis Genus.

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The increasing consumption of beverages is increasing the demand for grape skin extract. Grape skin extract helps in the treatment of health problems related to the kidney, heart and to control blood sugar level, which are widespread diseases in this era. Grape skin extract helps in the management of healthy cholesterol level. Grape skin extract is also used to inhibit the formation of blood clots as it contains resveratrol. In flavoring and for bakery products, grape skin extract is widely used. Considering the health benefits of grape skin extract, the grape skin extract market is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period.

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Some of the key players operating in the grape skin extract market are Presque Isle Wine Cellars; Keller Juices S.R.L; GRAP’SUD; EUSA COLORS SAS; Nanjing Zelang medical technology co., ltd.; NFC Industry co., Limited; Nans Products and Nutra SA; Most of the manufacturing companies are showing their interest in manufacturing grape skin extract, by which the demand for grape skin extract is expected to be extensive in the coming period.

Health consciousness in Asian countries is increasing very rapidly, According to a survey in 2005 only 26% consumers were conscious about health but gradually it increased to 46.18% by 2017, where grape skin extract helps to cure many health problems regarding cholesterol and sugar level management. Also, cholesterol level problem is increasing rapidly in Indian consumers, so it will be a great scope for grape skin extract market in India. In the U.S. and other American countries people prefer eating different food stuffs, grape skin extract can be used in salad dressing and to add flavor.

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