Google’s Shoewear to Enhance Virtual Reality Experience for Consumers

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The virtual reality may be notable experience, but the technology has certain boundaries. The technology giant, Google, has developed and patented the shoes which can compete with the virtual reality trough making it more engaging for clients.

Meanwhile, originally, the patent was filed on 9th may, 2018, and detailed information about the shoes guide the consumers to move through virtual environment. Also, shoewear highlighted in the Google filling could be motorized along with flexible region on the bottom,sensor for which headset. The computer can be accessed to make never-ending movement in the virtual environment.

The Google patent offers various descriptions of how motor system on board would work. However, the Mark Towner, U.K. giant have also developed a cockpit-style motion simulator which further helps the user to swap off seats for several VR experiences.

Google also stated that the motorized footwear is designed to move within the defined physical space in the physical environment.

ETH Zurich and EPFL Developed Quality VR Gloves for Consumer

There are similar project introduced earlier by the research organization to track the brain to resolve the infinite walking program indulged with the VR headsets. Therefore, Google is not the only giant which is looking out for various ways the consumer can communicate with the virtual environment.

Similarly, the scientists from ETH Zurich and EPFL are effortlessly working to develop light and thin VR gloves can help the consumers in the virtual environment to touch virtual objects. Moreover, the present VR gloves are very heavy. Hence, light weight VR gloves depict very promising experience for the customers.

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