Google Launches New Apps to Aid People with Hearing Ailment

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Imagine it’s a family get together, and you are cherishing those lovely memories of childhood with your cousins. But, there is one who struggles to hear what you say. Doesn’t she deserve to enjoy as much as you are? Certainly. However, when you wonder how you could help her, Google brings the answer to it.

The tech giant is launching two Android applications that will convert speech into text and amplify sounds respectively. These apps will help hearing abilities of people with such ailments.

Live Transcribe and Amplify It are the Two Apps 

Live Transcribe is exactly the solution for people with hearing loss. As a result, they can not only participate in discussions, but also converse with the group. How does it work?  The microphone is your mobile hears the sound. Further, the app transcribes speech into text and displays it as a caption for the user. Moreover, it also allows users to respond via the smart keyword in the app. This application is currently available in 70 languages.

On the other hand, Amplify helps increase the sound of the audio that people are hearing. Often, people with gearing ailments struggle to hear mild sound in the audio. Furthermore, this app helps amplify these sounds without affecting much the higher volume sounds. Moreover, the app also aids in cancelling background noise, improving the ability of the user to hear the audio. To use this app, the user needs a wired headphone or earphone connected to the mobile phone.

The applications are in-built in Google Pixel 3, and are available on Google Play Store. The tech giant is working on bringing more features into these applications.

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